Foyer Talk’s blogger, Trevar Alan Chilver, fancies himself as a playwright, and to that end has fashioned a few scripts for stage plays over the years. Below is a listing of scripts available. Click on the Adobe logo to download a sample. If you are interested in considering any of these plays for production and would like to request a copy of the script, please contact the playwright directly, using the contact details at the bottom of this page.


The Ballad of Hobart Jones

As 1887 gets underway, Hobart Jones is met as the foppish, aristocratic and inveterate president of the Royal Society of Balladeers, Oxford. A letter from Patrick Jennings, Premier of New South Wales, requests his presence in Sydney to unite the disparate balladeers of the colony to prepare a great ballad to commemorate the centennial in 1888. Arriving in Sydney with his loyal and very attractive maid Adelaide, Jones finds himself at a loss with the New South Welsh government now in the hands of Henry Parkes, and his greatest ally, Henry Lawson, turning out to be a republican whose interest in balladeering is outshone by his interest in Adelaide. Will her charms be enough to unite the balladeers of New South Wales? And will Jones manage to get his maid back to England?   Download a pdf sample of this script

Cast:                  5-8M, 2F
Duration:           100 mins
Production:       November 2015 @ Actors and Writers London

Mrs Holt

In a suburban nursing home in the early 1990s, cranky old Mrs Holt spends her days flirting with another old codger from down the hall and causing grief for her carers. Their only interest is in finding out whether she’s the widow of the missing prime minister, and her work-obsessed granddaughter refuses to admit that she’s flirting with Mrs Holt’s new nurse. All Mrs Holt wants is a sign that the world hasn’t gone completely mad, but all she’s getting is male nurses, female lawyers, and terminal diabetes. Download a pdf sample of this script

Cast:                  4F, 1M
Duration:           80 mins
Production:       August 2008 @ The Street Theatre

The Incident at Fugue Bay

A young man is found on a rock ledge at Fugue Bay with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Anna recognises him as her fiancé Todd, declared dead 18 months ago.  She’s now moved on, dating a country cop named Mikey. How will Anna and Mikey’s new relationship be affected by Todd’s re-appearance and the mystery of his disappearance?  What did happen at Fugue Bay?   Download a pdf sample of this script

Cast:                  4M, 2F
Duration:           100 mins
Production:       March 2009 @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

No Island is a Man

Jesse comes from a very average family. Which is fine, except that he’s a shiftworker suffering from depression. After breaking up with his effervescent girlfriend, he tries unsuccessfully to reach out to his mate Nick, while his caring mother and ineffectual and vaguely selfish father try just as unsuccessfully to reach out to him. The audience knows what’s coming, but it comes as a surprise to his family and friends when Jesse takes his own life.  

Download a pdf sample of this scriptCast:                  5M, 4F (plus film extras)
Duration:           90 mins
Production:       April 2006 @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

The Commuter

A commuter tells the story of what went wrong as he crossed the park one afternoon.  Download a pdf of this full script

Cast:                  3M, 1F
Duration:           10 mins
Production:       Short+Sweet Canberra, August 2012 & Short+Sweet Sydney, January 2013

Abel C. Mann, Processed Offshore

An actor is hired to play the Captain who brought a fleet of convicts to the country in a re-enactment of the colonisation. He is very excited, but doesn’t expect he will need his passport.  Download a pdf of this full script

Cast:                  2F, 2M
Duration:           10 mins
Production:       Short+Sweet Canberra, July 2013 & Short+Sweet Sydney, January 2014

Jimmy and Cook

Captain Cook, who has been imprisoned in Tahiti for 200 years, turns up sharing a flat with an Aboriginal man in twenty-first century Australia, and deals effectively with a burglar. 

Download a pdf of this full scriptCast:                  3M
Duration:           10 mins
Production:       Actors and Writers London, Summer Competition July 2014

Stephen’s Last Night in Town

Stephen’s slept with every woman in the building, except one. And there are a few men to cross off that list, too. 

Download a pdf of this full scriptCast:                  2F 1M
Duration:           8 mins
Production:       Short+Sweet Sydney Wildcards, March 2017
Phone (AU): +61 434 577 781
Phone (UK) +44 7473 366849
Twitter: @canberra_lad

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